My Other Self

My Other Self: Conversations with Christ on Living Your Faith

by Clarence J. Enzler (1957)

This book was published prior to Vatican II, 15 years before Deacon Enzler would be ordained.  It is written in an encouraging and intimate style, as a series of instructions from Jesus. It is not unlike The Imitation of Christ.

The main thrust of the book is for us not to see ourselves as another Christ, but to see ourselves as becoming Christ’s other self. It is not a distinction without a difference, which the book does an effective job of showing. There is no danger here of walking away with any sort of messiah complex in the least. Becoming Christ’s other self is just another way of expressing the process of sanctification.

The following quotation is from the section “Motives for Trust” in Chapter Two, “Abandonment”:

Abandon your will to mine, and all that happens must speed you along the path to happiness, to holiness, to sainthood. Under my loving care, nothing can harm you. Whatever happens to you by my will is so good that the angels of heaven themselves could not conceive of anything better.

Cling to me with all your heart, with all your will, and I will make you a saint. Nothing shall separate you from my love: neither death nor life, angels nor devils, neither things present nor to come. No force or creature in heaven or hell can separate my love from you if you do my will.

Trust in me; I will always protect you. Seek my will in all things. Your greatest good is that my will shall be done.

If you generously renounce your own will to seek only my good pleasure, my divine Heart will illumine you with a vivid light to know my wishes. I will show you what you must do and work within you to help you accomplish it.

– pp. 19-20

Here is a bonus recommendation by this author: Everyone’s Way of the Cross


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