Table of Contents


1  Deep Conversion/Deep Prayer

2  Gospel Spirituality & Catholic Worship: Integrating your personal prayer life and liturgical experience

3  Hidden Mountain, Secret Garden: A Theological Contemplation on Prayer

4  Death on a Friday Afternoon: Meditations on the Last Words of Jesus from the Cross

5  New Seeds of Contemplation

6  Happy Are You Poor: The Simple Life and Spiritual Freedom

7  Saved in Hope: Spe Salvi

8  God Wants You Happy: From Self-Help to God’s Help

9  The Joy of Full Surrender

10 The Seven Storey Mountain

11 Beginning to Pray

12 The Everlasting Man

13 Back to Virtue

14 Journey to Easter

15 No Man is an Island

16 The Sanctifier

17 Orthodoxy

18 Fire Within

19 Love Set Free

20 Thoughts in Solitude

21 The Cloud of Unknowing

22 The Spirit of the Liturgy

23 Seeking Spiritual Direction: How to Grow the Divine Life Within

24 Heaven in Our Hands: Living the Beatitudes

25 My Other Self

26 The Science of the Cross

27 Treatise on the Love of God

28 Authenticity: A Biblical Theology of Discernment

29 The Wisdom of the Desert

30 Crossing the Threshold of Hope

31 The Imitation of Christ

32 The Interior Castle

33 Prayer Primer

34 The Screwtape Letters

35 The Collected Works of St. John of the Cross

36 Spiritual Direction & Meditation

37  Four Quartets

38 Overcoming Life’s Challenges

39 Jesus of Nazareth

40 Patience of a Saint

41 Navigating the Interior Life

42 The New Man



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